SKIS Project Introduction

Slovene group for creativity and innovation (SKIS)... means the establishment and activities of a technologically innovative crossroad that offers information and support by research and development of innovations to its members. SKIS is a consortium of carefully selected companies providing its members with all the professional help needed in each individual phase of the innovation process.

This way the members of SKIS can gain information about the market, human resources and means necessary for development, professional help with developing the idea into an invention, patenting and transferring the invention into the market (innovation). At each of these phases members can receive first- (from companies that are already involved in this kind of operations) and second-hand information (information on market activities).

The main drive of SKIS is sustainable development, which can only be achieved through constant growth and development. Many leading economists and business people are unanimous that development of new ideas and procedures is the only way to escape the current economic situation. Irrespective of the situation of individual or global economy, innovations are the solution that always contributes to economic growth and development. This is exactly what SKIS wishes to promote with its activities.

However, SKIS does not only assure development of innovations within the Slovenian economy, it is more and more internationally involved as well. This enables the SKIS's members to get a clear insight into the events on foreign markets and professional and legal help for the introduction of their innovations and ideas on foreign markets.

SKIS partners:

  • Replika (project holder and development coordinator)
  • Pulp and Paper Institute
  • Solvera Lynx (Energetika.NET)
  • Korona
  • Dr. Nemo
  • Replika Plus
  • Zavod BIG
  • Parsek
  • Incubator Sežana
  • UIP University Incubator of Primorska