Fields of activity

Two priority areas of SKIS are sustainable development and creative industries. In cooperation with different partners, our goal is to promote innovative activity in organizations outside the consortium, help develop new and innovative products, processes and services or technologic and non-technologic innovations in companies outside the consortium. At the same time we want our action to assist the Slovenian economy to exploit strategic opportunities offered by creative industries and to create successful sustainable development initiatives. Synergistic effect is achieved through coordination and integration with our partners. The entire operation takes place through joint ventures partners’ nodes. Due to the large number of such projects are grouped into the following activities:

  • informing, connecting and organizing thematic meetings,
  • advising and offering professional support,
  • help with industrial property protection,
  • organizing courses,
  • participation at fares, meetings, conferences, ...
  • courses and trainings in the field of innovation,
  • acquiring non-refundable resources.